Have you recently become an empty nester? Have the kids moved out and now you’re faced with what to do with their room? Bittersweet moments like this offer the opportunity to do a little redecorating. Murphy bed stores in San Francisco, CA, offer many options, like wall beds, for giving a room new purpose. 

Rediscover Your Passion

Now that you have some free space and somewhat of a fresh start, you can spend more time on things like hobbies. You can redesign your newly open room to be a crafting space, meditation room, or whatever you want. The question is how do you keep that room ready if your kids want to stop by for a few days? 

Just because your kids move out doesn’t mean that it’s forever. Sometimes they might want to drop by for a few days to spend some time with their family. So, you have to make sure they still have a comfortable place to sleep. 

Create Your Own Space with Wall Beds

A wall bed is a great way to keep a room organized and free up some space. Unlike a traditional bed, a wall bed looks like a cabinet mounted to a wall. The bed folds up into the cabinet when not in use, a real space saver. Wall beds also let you add extra storage. 

This space saving furniture looks like a typical cabinet when the bed is stowed away. Keep the bed closed when the kids are out to save space, and unfold it when they come home for a short visit. 

The Florence Murphy bed is a great example of how elegant wall beds can look, and at Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco you are free to customize many style and features of your new wall bed. 

Make it Organized

Wall beds help to keep things organized and tidy in your newly repurposed room. Want to use the room as a study or even a home office?

That’s a great idea—select a model where you can add a desk and storage solutions, like shelves, to keep things organized. You can stow things like pillows and blankets when the bed isn’t in use or keep your books on the shelves. 

Repurpose and Redecorate

Redecorating as an empty nester can be difficult at first. You’ll be going through fond memories but excitement for the future will build as you get into the redecoration. This is a time to let your imagination flow.

Want to change up the color of the paint? Go ahead, try out something different and see how you like it. You can try matching the decor and color of the room to your new wall bed, or vice-versa. We offer multiple bed finishes and options that will fit in with most any home decor style. 

Wall Beds in San Francisco

Becoming a brand new empty nester can be a bitter-sweet moment. Your children are leaving home for the first time and now you have a room (or maybe a few) that are ready to be repurposed. This is the time to rediscover old passions or make new ones. 

The question is how do you repurpose a room but keep it ready as a guest room if the kids want to drop by? Wallbeds n’ More has the best solution! Our space-saving furniture lets you add an elegant-looking bed that frees up a lot of room while also reserving a comfortable place for overnight guests. 

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