Wall beds are one of the best inventions in the modern furniture industry. Not only can a wall bed be hidden away in what appears to be a cabinet, giving you instant floor space, it can add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco’s custom wall beds are a great choice for anyone looking for extra functionality in their home. These beds are made to be customized according to your specific requirements, whether it is the size, shape, color, style, or add-ons. 

Why Choose Custom Wall Beds?

There are many reasons why custom wall beds are a great option. By customizing a wall bed you can have it made to match the existing decor of your room, or a different style that you are working towards. The choice is yours! 

Maximize on Space

If you live in the Bay Area and are finding it hard to make use of the small space in your home, custom wall beds are the ideal solution for you. These beds can be hidden away upright inside a cabinet when not in use. The transition is made easy due to the modern design that assists in raising and lowering the bed. This frees up valuable floor space that can be used for other purposes! 

Improved Functionality

In addition to creating more space at home, custom wall beds can also improve the overall functionality of your room. When customizing a Murphy bed at Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco you can create something that aligns with how you intend to use your space. If you want some extra storage and a desk, for instance, you can choose to add these features to the Oxford model. 

As another example, if you live in a studio apartment or have a small guest room, you can install a Broadway horizontal sofa bed. This multi-functional piece of furniture can be used as a sofa during the day and then a comfortable bed at night. This way, you can make the most of the available space in your home. 

Create a Unique Look

One huge advantage of custom wall beds is that they offer you the opportunity to create a unique look for your home. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, wood types, and hardware details to create a truly one-of-a-kind bed. By selecting custom choices for your own wall bed, you can be sure that it will echo your personal style. 

You can even add features such as cabinetry, drawers, wardrobes, and lighting with USB outlets for extra convenience. Our space-saving specialists will work with you to find the best configuration and style to suit your needs. 

They are Durable

Our custom wall beds are made of high-quality materials. We always use real wood and high-quality steel for all of our wall bed models. You can be sure that your new custom wall bed will last for many years to come and provide you with the best possible functionality. 

All of our murphy beds come with a Standard Wallbeds n’ More warranty upon purchase. The standard warranty includes a Lifetime Warranty on your wallbed mechanism or piston from defect or use! Additionally, Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco offers the Guardsman Protection Plan as an additional option which provides 5 years of accidental damage protection in regards to the wood portion of the wall bed. 

Add Some Style to Your Home

When you think of style, you may not immediately think of a Murphy bed. But, with our custom wall beds, you will be able to add interest and elegance to your home. Choose from a wide range of models, including Rochester, Hidden Bed Deluxe, Chelsea, Marina Table Bed, etc., to find the perfect look for your home. You can match your home’s interior design with options for the types of wood used, different colors for finishes, and various hardware styles. 

They are Comfortable

Getting some beauty sleep is paramount to a happy and productive day. Our custom wall beds are designed to provide maximum comfort. Thus, ensuring that you get the restful sleep you need to stay focused and energized during your waking hours. Our wall beds can accommodate mattresses up to 11 inches in thickness. You and your guests are sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep on our custom wall beds. 

Let Us Make You the Best Wall Bed 

Are you looking for the best custom wall beds in the San Francisco Bay Area? Your search is complete when you visit Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco! 

If you are looking for an efficient way to save space in your home without compromising on style or comfort, custom wall beds are the perfect solution. Book an appointment to visit our showroom and our wall bed specialists will show you all of your options for customizing your perfect wall bed unit. 

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