Micro apartments are like the tiny homes of the urban world. You get the best of urban living without losing an entire paycheck to rent. The challenge lies in maximizing space so you can enjoy your home as well as the ample opportunities that urban life provides. Of course, since this is SF Murphy Beds, let’s start this out with the big one.

Where We See Micro Apartments

San Francisco is currently the biggest offender for shrinking real estate. One of the coolest work markets tucked into one of California’s oldest cities among rolling hills, valleys, and water. It’s a recipe for rising real estate prices.

We see micro-apartments in every major city where people gather. New York, Chicago, and even by choice. The tiny home is growing in popularity. Whether you have a tiny space or not, its ideal to make the best of it.

Buy a Wallbed

The wall bed comes in a variety of formats. You can get a plain wall bed that blends in nicely, or you can combine it with some essential furniture. We’ve got some solid suggestions on wall beds that might fit your micro apartment.

  1. The library murphy bed is a great way to turn your space into a reader’s dream nook.
  2. The Deluxe Desk wallbed is an ideal way to turn a workspace into a rest space.
  3. The Denva Cabinet bed is the perfect way to manage storage and not waste any underbed space.
  4. The Study Budy Cabinet Bed features a desk and bed with easy transform.
  5. The Barrington Table Bed merges the functionality of the table and bed into one gorgeous piece of furniture.

No matter how you mix and match your murphy bed furniture, it’s the single best space-saving move you could make.

Hooks, Shelves, and Hanging Space

You need to turn horizontal space into vertical space wherever possible. That’s the trick to keeping the floor open. Hooks can hang clothes, towels, bags, plants. Whatever your interior design ideas call for. Shelves are also a good idea where possible. Floating shelves can feature a thin but sturdy way to maximize space.

Stackable Baskets and Containers

Stacking baskets can look great and really cut down on space. If the baskets are sturdy enough, go as high as you need. Often micro-apartments mean small horizontally, but normal vertically.

Small but Powerful

Everything should be considered for a downsizing. Lamps, furniture, rugs. There are some things you can’t downsize like a bed, but small light fixtures can pack a powerful punch.

Merge Utility

The murphy bed is a perfect example of merging two useful furniture pieces into one. Less is more. Tables can be desks, beds can be tables, and storage can be tucked away wherever there’s excess.

If you need help picking the right Murphy Bed for your space. Give us a call. We’ll schedule a showroom visit and find the right match for your living space.

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