Are you worried about where your guests are going to spend the night in the small apartment or home that you have? Well, worry not! The availability of a folding bed in a cabinet brings you comfort and peace of mind for hosting your guests without worrying about the available space.

Below are articulated benefits of having a Murphy cabinet bed. Read through them and get an understanding of what a cabinet bed offers. 

1. Maximize All the Space Available

Easily use just a little extra square footage to create more sleeping space for your guests by adding a free-standing cabinet bed. Its ability to be unfolded to a bed and, at the same time, folded back into an unobtrusive cabinet maximizes every inch of space in the room. 

Ultimately, a folding bed in a cabinet allows you to host overnight guests comfortably even if your living space is limited. 

2. Offer Comfort to Your Guests

Due to its small size when closed, some people may assume that cabinet beds aren’t comfortable. But the fact is that the modern cabinet beds offered at Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco are comfortable and durable. While the mattresses that fold into a cabinet bed are not quite as thick as those that accompany a wall bed, the material and mattress height does provide a restful place for sleep. 

Set your guests up for a good night’s sleep without strain by offering a bed that is more supportive than a blow-up air mattress, easier to make than a pull-out couch, and more comfortable than a futon. We offer cabinet beds in Double or Queen sizes. 

3. Creative Customization for a Hidden Bed

A bed hidden in a cabinet comes with different aspects to fit your preference. You can select from a variety of styles, wood finishes, and hardware to match your home’s existing decor or to start something new. 

A couple of unique compact hidden bed options at Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco include:

All these built-in features help maximize the usage of your space while giving your guests a comfortable place to sleep. Check out various cabinet beds at our website and select the one that best suits you. 

4. Free up Floor Space with a Folding Bed in Cabinet

When shopping for a hidden bed, many people are interested in freeing up floor space when their guest bed is not in use. The cabinet folding bed is the ideal solution for tiny spaces because of its small profile when closed. Additionally, this piece of furniture can be moved more easily than a sofa couch, futon, or even a wall bed. 

This ability to utilize floor space is also ideal for vacation cabins, rentals like Airbnb and VRBO, studio apartments, and tiny homes. 

5. A Cabinet Bed Offers the Ease of Use

No matter how small your room is, a cabinet bed allows you to instantly provide a comfortable bed for overnight guests. This multi-functional piece of furniture transitions from cabinet to bed in just 30 seconds!

Don’t waste time setting up or putting away bedding while your loved one is visiting. Add a cabinet bed to your small home and enjoy time with your friends and family.

Final Take

From providing comfort, durability, customization options, as well as maximizing space in your room, Murphy cabinet beds are an excellent investment for your home. That is why at Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco, we strive to give you the best quality hidden beds for extra sleeping capacity, even for smaller homes.

We offer the largest selection of Murphy beds, wall beds, cabinet beds, as well as other space-saving furniture. Visit our website for more information on our products and services.

You can also visit our showroom in Burlingame and a clearance showroom in San Mateo. Wherever you’re located in the Bay Area, we are here for your home space-saving needs!

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