Did you know that interior design can make your small space seem larger and actually add functionality? Wall beds, especially a Horizontal Murphy bed queen, are useful for narrow spaces and can be used for either your occasional overnight guests or as your own bed. 

The design of a horizontal wall bed folds into the wall on the long-edge of the mattress. The horizontal position of the bed suits rooms that are less deep. Minimal floor space is needed for the bed to extend out into the room, but wall space needs to be a bit wider.

Are you still wondering whether you need a horizontal wall bed or a vertical one? If so, scroll down to see what kinds of things to consider when choosing between a vertical or horizontal Murphy bed. 

When to Choose a Horizontal Murphy Bed

Perfect for Rooms with Short Ceilings 

If you have a room with short ceilings, fans or lighting features that hang low, vertical wall beds might not be the right choice. This is where many homeowners should choose a horizontal Murphy bed queen. Due to their wide and short design, these beds are suitable for spaces like basements, lofts and other rooms that have low ceilings. 

Enhance Flexibility in Less Deep Rooms 

Many times people deal with narrow rooms that aren’t very deep in both length and width, which can affect their flexibility to use the room space. The design of a horizontal Murphy bed helps you to utilize your whole room space despite a shallow dimension. 

Extra storage by way of shelving or cabinets on one or both sides of the bed is a helpful addition for extra storage. With a traditional, vertical wall bed the height is often too tall for anything but decorative items to be placed on top. With a vertical Murphy bed it’s a lot easier to use the space above the bed to place a shelf or items that are more frequently used. 

Free up Your Floor Space 

If you wish to free up the floor space of your condo, studio, apartment, or house, choose custom wall beds. The queen-sized Murphy bed will not only conserve your space but also allow it to be multi-functional. You can enjoy a Queen size mattress with the horizontal wall bed for optimal sleeping space while opening up floor space in a moment’s notice. 

Customize for Interior Design

One benefit of choosing a horizontal Murphy bed from Wallbeds n’ More in San Francisco is that you can have a lot of customization options! Our wall beds are not only made in America and built to last with quality products, our team can help you to easily customize your space-saving furniture with plenty of design options. In fact, matching the Murphy beds with your home decor can improve the feeling of space and unity in your room. 

Top Horizontal Murphy Bed Queen Designs and Types 

If you’re interested in adding a horizontal Murphy bed to your home, here are a few top designs to choose from. 

Mission Horizontal 

The Mission Horizontal features locking front panels, optional overhead or side LED lights, and can fit a queen or full-size mattress. This Murphy wall bed is suitable for spaces like lofts, condos, guests rooms, as well as studios. 

Barrington Horizontal 

Barrington Horizontal is an elegant horizontal wall bed with a traditional appeal. The Barrington is suitable for people looking to maximize their storage space. You can even customize it with side cabinets, tables, or a desk. Please note that this horizontal wall bed model is built for queen size mattresses only. 

San Mateo Horizontal 

If you’re looking to choose a highly customizable wall bed with a style that lends to almost any room’s decor, the San Mateo horizontal wall bed is a great option. The subtle design, hardware options, as well as multiple color finishes are sure to match your home decor. The best part about the San Mateo Horizontal bed is that it can support a 12-inch mattress, while the vast majority of our wall beds support mattresses up to 11 inches thick. 

Broadway Sofa Bed

Last on the list but perhaps the most versatile, the Broadway Sofa Bed not only hides a bed but can be used as a sofa when the mattress is put away. It can fit a queen or full-size mattress as per your needs and preferences. The Broadway Sofa Bed is a great option when you’re furnishing a studio apartment or looking to add sleeping space to your living room or den. 

Amp Up Your Small Space with a Horizontal Murphy Bed Queen 

Horizontal Murphy beds are, undoubtedly, one of the best options for optimizing small homes. At Wallbeds n’ More in San Francisco, you can customize the Murphy beds as per your specific needs and style desires! 

If you want to choose the highest quality wall beds, contact Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco. Our multi-functional and custom wall beds will help you to save valuable space. If you wish to know more about horizontal or vertical hidden beds, book an appointment with us today. 

Visit our Wallbeds n’ More San Francisco showroom to see how wall beds work. Our hidden bed specialists will ensure that you choose the right bed, style and size, for your space!

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